Friday, 23 September 2016


Yesterday we had our skipping. Sophie Isabella came first for the 2016 senior skip off. After the senior skip off Room 9 and 10 went to there class room. We had our skipping display after Room 11. Our skipping was really fun and enjoyable. Everyone had fun.

Cross Country

On Tuesday last week we had our Cross Country race. The Juniors had to run around the field while the Seniors were running around the  streets. The race was really intense, everyone was running as fast as they could. I didn't really enjoy the race because it was a very long way. At the of the race everyone was exhausted.

Friday, 2 September 2016


On Wednesday we had basketball. First we did running for our warm up. Then the coach tought us a few moves like the jump stop, dribbling and the triple threat move. We had to go into five groups. In my group was James, Azahar, Jack Daniel, Quros. Everyone enjoyed learning basketball moves. It was so fun.