Monday, 31 October 2016

Where's Our Teacher

Today I came to school and noticed Mrs Golder's things weren't there. After fitness, Mrs Vickers told us that she had a headache and will not be attending school today. We got our chromebooks and bags ready. Me, Lupe and Timote Junior went to Room 1. When we arrived there I opened my chromebook ... It was dead. So we had to march back down to the Senior block and ask Mr Reid if we could borrow some of his chargers. We stopped at Room 12 to get our general books for writing. After morning tea we went to Room 12 to get our chromebooks. At the end of the day we had fun being in Room 1.    

Friday, 28 October 2016

Senior Syndicate Assembly

On Monday Room 12 hosted the Senior Syndicate Assembly. Aydrian and Meana did an item, it was a class feud. I was representing Room 12 and I came last. I was disappointed but I still had a great time.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Trip To The Botanic Gardens

On Thursday we went to the Botanic Gardens. Everyone was excited to on the trip. Our morning tea bell rang at 9:25 am. The bell rang and everyone went to line up in front of Room One. We went by bus it took a long time. When the bus stopped everyone was looking outside. Everyone in Room 12 had a piece of paper with questions and we had to walk around the garden to find the answers. When it all finished we went back to the bus and I fell asleep. It was the best trip ever.