Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Pay It Forward

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With Room Nine

Movie Title
Pay it Forward
Class/Year Level
Year 10  
Summary/Description of the film
It was about what you don’t do at school. This boy tries to stop other classmates to do good things. He stops them from fighting and littering  
Your Opinion
It was very funny and inspiring.
The comment you left
Hello Tamaki College your movie is so inspiring and funny. I really like how you stopped them from fighting and your hilarious karate movies. Well done on your movie
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  1. Hey Mika, I like your Blog post about that CRACK UP movie PAY IT BACK wait that's wrong I mean PAY IT FORWARD. I really like your scanning template about it, Keep up the great work. What did you enjoy about it?

  2. Hey Mika
    I really liked your blog post. It was good to know that you enjoyed, that movie by Tamaki College. What did you enjoy about it?